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Glorious You are, O’ Lord
You’re the beginning and the end
Marvelous You are, yes, Lord
Outside of time You planned it all
Beautiful You are, O’ Lord
Merciful You are, Our God
Powerful You are, yes, Lord
Compassionate You are, Jesus…

There’s none like Jehovah
None like Jehovah, our Redeemer
None like Jehovah, none like Jehovah
He rules forever.

Let Your love fill me up
Let Your love fill the world
Let Your mercy fill the world
Let Your mercy fill me up (2x)

Stretch Your hand and heal the world
Help us turn away from our wicked ways
Come and take the pain away
On our knees we pray, Lord, everyday. (2x) *Chorus*

Copyright 2022 Richard Shekari

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