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You’ve been quiet through the mornings
And through the noontime
Now the sun is about to set
Should I flee to the mountainside?
You’re my hope, You’re my strength, You’re my shield
Without You I’m naked, Lord
Calm the storm; stop the pain, cover my shame
Your name is my only pride.

Lord, I’ve been waiting
Crying by the riverside
Lord, can You hear me?
Come heal my broken heart. (2x)

You’re our joy, You’re our Holy Father
There’s none like The Most High
All on earth, in the sea and the air
Will bow before The Most High
The blind will see for the glory of God
And they will testify
The deaf will hear for the glory of God
And they will testify.

All the sick will be healed
All the nations will rejoice
All the dead will rise
Every nation will rejoice. (2x) + Chorus.

Copyright 2022 Richard Shekari

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