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Genres: Pop, Reggae, R&B

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I wanna tell you about a place call heaven
Accessed through a narrow way
It’s a beautiful and peaceful place
Where our loving Father dwells
I wanna tell you something good about the Lord;
His arms are always open wide
It doesn’t matter what wrongs we commit
He’ll forgive, if we drop our pride
To save the world, He sent His only Son
For our sake, to pay the price
Shamed on the cross, sacrificed for our sake
Our saviour rose from the dead.

Those who believe in the Lord
And trust in the Lord, will live forever in glory with the Lord. (2x)

There’s something better than gold
There’s something better than silver
There’s a place better than this world
Accessed only through the narrow way. (2x)

For those who believe in the Son
Shall have an everlasting life, yes, in return
Salvation is free for all through the Son
Let’s share the good news before His return. (2x) Chorus.

Copyright 2021 Richard Shekari

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