by Raum
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Genres: Acoustic, Lo-Fi
Tags: Rough, Test, Demo

© 2020. License: FeedForward Collaboration License
Super early work in progress on a new song that I will be working on with my new band mate.
Really trying to structure the chords and scale accordingly. I have an idea with lyrics but im concentrating on structure first.

MP3: 128.0 kbps, 48 kHz (stereo), 1.50 MB
Playing time (m:ss): 1:38
Date uploaded: Oct 13, 2020, 17:15 EDT Show more info
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Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to Raum for “Past lover test 2”:
"The year was 1957, the artist: Raum Cole, the song -- a number one SMASH hit called "Past Lover", here it is for you -- your long-distant request..."
 Oct 14, 2020, 08:44 EDT
Haha it has a long way to go but im working it out with my band mate
flag (Oct 14, 2020, 11:19 EDT)
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
What's the band?
flag (Nov 01, 2020, 12:42 EST)