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Genres: Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop
Tags: We Need You, Richard Shekari

© 2020. All Rights Reserved


Only You, Lord, can quench my thirst
You healed my wounds; I’ll praise You, Lord
Only You, Lord, can lead us home
Come heal our hearts, we need You, Lord. (2x)

I’ll praise You, Lord
You gave me peace
You’re the key to my joy
I’m Your anointed
Without You, Lord, I’ll be no more
I love You, Lord
You’re the Prince of Peace
O’ Jesus, the mediator
Your love has set me free.

You set me free
You came and died for me
On the cross You bled for me
Yes, You set me free
From these chains I broke free
You’re my Lord, Oh Yes indeed
I’ll celebrate You everyday
Your presence, Lord, makes the darkness run away
I need You, Lord, yes
Coz You’re my daily bread
I need You, Lord, yes
Coz You’re the Living Water
You’re my bread and butter
You pulled me out o’the gutter
You said my past don’t matter
You placed me on Your shoulders and You told me about the Father
Sighted my enemies but You told me not to bother
You’re my hiding place
Yes, Lord, You’re my bunker.

Jesus, lead us
We’ll walk behind You
Lamb of God, You’re the Life and the Way. *CHORUS 2x*

Abba Father, who art in heaven
Come down and take Your place
Search through our hearts, Lord
Take all our burdens
Make our hearts Your dwelling place. (2x) *CHORUS + PRELUDE*

Copyright 2020 Richard Shekari

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