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My reflection is looking more like me again
As the shadows have begun to fade
I can sit here in the stillness of an empty room
All alone and not feel like I’m trapped in a maze
Of crippling doubt since you first went away
Now I’m just biding my time until you come back to stay

The springtime it fills up these tired lungs with hope
To where I feel like a new day at dawn
When I tend to get lost in a sea of my thoughts
You’re a lighthouse that’s always on
Ain’t it funny how just one little word
Can make the embers of love in my heart burst into flames
It happens when I say your name (repeat)

Sometimes your life is being lived, though you think you’re living your life
And the hands on the dial continually turn
The magic you feel, you have to make yourself sometimes
That was something that I had yet to learn
Until I had to fill my days with something other than you
But now I understand just all that you did for me

Now the summer winds are bringing you back to me
As I bathe here in your energy
You seem to hold forever inside of your touch
And I’m renewed by it endlessly
Ain’t it funny how calling out one little word
Can quell the darkest storms inside of my brain
It happens when I say your name (repeat)

Repeat last lines of first ch

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