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Why do I sleep?
For I never seem to feel rejuvenated
On this withered journey
Already going & gone, my footsteps faded
I can only seem to breathe
When the sunlights rays pierce through the timber
Those days a fever dream
That disappear when I wake up, never seem to remember

I was always just moving too fast
Trying to hide away from my past
I’m caught up in the afterburn now
As my insides go down in flames
Til the ashes of a wish is all that remains...

Why do I write?
When not a single note ever reaches your ears
Is it even worth the time?
Or a life’s work of “nothing” & wasted years
Am I ever really able to find...
A resting place for this rambling soul?
Will there be peace of mind?
Or is the path I’m on just another dead end road?

I was always trying to run away
Now the past is calling me out by name
There’s nothing left to do but set it all ablaze
& watch it go down in flames
Til the ashes of those wishes are all that remain...
In my brain...

It’s so clear now that I was running too fast
Always after a love that I never could grasp
I’m choking out here in the afterburn now
As it all goes down in flames
& the ashes of a wish is all that remains...

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