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All the things I wanted from life, don’t seem to matter now
It’s hard to think on the future when all this uncertainty surrounds
I watch the sun get swallowed by the forlorn skies
And the thunder cries out like an orphan in pain
Til the shivers crawl up my spine, as I wonder aloud
“Can we ever turn this around?”
Someone must have asked for this
Someone must have wished for this
Maybe someone up above wanted us to see a rainbow
For here come the rains
Here come the rains....

All the images of my life, they’re faded and bruised
And the storms of change make it harder for them to come into view
Is that a lightning flash or my bulb burning out
Down here in the basement of my memory
Where the waters rise through the cracks, and I feel born anew
Knowing the howling winds will help to pull me through
For someone must have planned for this
It’s like someone knew that I needed this
Maybe someone up above wanted me to see a rainbow
For here come the rains
Here come the rains...
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I can get you the current draft if you dm me your proper email.

I feel like your taking mouth shape more seriously in these tunes -- 1/2 of all tone is gonna come from that.

As for essential benefits, the way I look at it we are probably in the best of all times and places (covid notwithstanding). But it's easy for humans to get complacent !level_up_america

PS: Great imagery here :)
 Apr 05, 2020, 12:23 EDT
Replied to message with email. Yes, it’s all a journey. I feel like vocally I have only improved, while musically I have declined LOL. This is true. We could be in a lot worse place. Haha thanks for the imagery praise. This one oddly enough inspired by Dylan and Dolly
flag (Apr 06, 2020, 10:05 EDT)