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Goodbye, Blanche, you had to leave
Though it doesn’t make sense
I hope you’re at peace
I wish that I could hold you close just one more time
Hearing you squeak out my name was a joy that was all mine
But a silence is all that remains now
Since you vanished from our lives...

Goodbye, Blanche, farewell, and so long
Life it is so short, no matter how long
But we’ll always hold and share the tender memories
I scratch your name into my chest
So you’ll always stay next to me
And though it hurts, I still know here, deep inside
That I have to let to you go....

Goodbye, Blanche, wish you could’ve stayed
But farther on we’ll be reunited some day
I wonder if you’ll miss me or remember my face
Are you watching down on us?
Munching on a carrot in space
For the sky, it’s gained a new star, since you passed
And we had to let you go...

Goodbye, Blanche, goodbye...
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