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Was I ever really even here?
Or just a phantom strolling down the hall
With my shaking hands reaching for another drink
As you watch over me in a frame on the wall
I used to tell all our friends that I was late
When I’d be waiting out on the stairs trying to make my mind stop
But the bad ideas, they’d always seem to come
Your smell is all that remains since they drove you off...

Now there’s just all these things I longed to say
Inside of me as I sit here so blown away
But I’ve made my bed
Now let me sleep in it
Yea I’ve made my bed...

The clouds of my past, they’d always grow so fast
Blocking out all the light that our love needed to be
They always seemed to be whiter than white to you
But they’re darker than the night ever could be to me
They wrap around, like a second skin
And no matter how I try there’s just no escape
So I sink further in this cocoon of emptiness
Your pheromones make the sheets a scented embrace

What makes me always seem to try to hide?
Away from a love so beautiful, but shy
Now I’ve made my bed
Just let me sleep in it
Yea I’ve made my bed...
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Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to Gremlin for “I’VE MADE MY BED...”:
Some tasteful atmospherics in the lyrics, doc!
 Mar 10, 2020, 13:00 EDT
Haha thanks! I have about 20 tunes finished since September-ish. At least the muse hasnt died yet
flag (Mar 10, 2020, 13:05 EDT)
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
Hone it.
flag (Mar 11, 2020, 18:42 EDT)