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In the Carolina pines, they say
Dwell the troubled ghosts of yesterday
& though the air may be still, you’ll feel a breeze
& a restless scattering of leaves...
In the Carolina pines, I see
A memory lane trod by blistered feet
& as I feel it begin to wash over me
Maybe the rustling I hear, it’s in me...

With the wave of my broken hand
All the colors melt from the sky
& I watch as they all just float away
Like driftwood from my mind
Made up of Carolina pine...

In the Carolina pines, morose
All alone with the person that I judge the most
It’s like I can’t escape, it must run through my veins
Endless tears & this haunting pain...
In the Carolina pines, I can feel
My muse up above waiting to reveal
One more truth to this fool
She’ll forever rule me like the stanzas I wrote this song on...

With a wave of her ancient hand
Melodies they fall from the sky
They’re absorbed within & exit through my pen
With the words whispered to me at night
On the winds of the Carolina pines...
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