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Continuing my impressionistic like experiment. Wrote this start to finish in less than 15 and this is first time playing through.

Well the rain it has shone all its colors tonight
While the leaves of my heart burn like a signal fire
As I come home alone and watch the walls
For these questions they haunt and never seem to end
But the answers don’t come even on the summer winds

So I am all washed out
I feel like I’m fading out
Like a shooting star that falls over the mountainside
Am I just living a lullaby?...

Scour my memories all through the night
For some morsel or crumb of a past delight
But the darkness wraps around me a bit too tight
To where I don’t even know how to feel
My senses shutdown, offline from what’s real

Now I am all washed out
I just sit here fading out
Like a sun that falls over the meadowlands from the sky
As I’m living a lullaby...
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