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Aw, now they called me every name in the book: Anarcho-Catholic, Animistic Panentheist. Ethno-minimalist... Never understood that one. Never
bothered me much. It's what they say about Ol' Bonny that gets under MY skin!

See, Bonny ain't like the rest of us, she comes from a long line of Iraki Mandaen Gnostics. Come over here with her family when she was just a little girl,
after the invasion. 'Round about ought three, ought four or there abouts.

'Cording to Gnostic teachings, Jesus ain't nothing but a Msiyah Qdaba. A false messiah. How about that. Abraham, Moses: False prophets. John the
Baptists, though? He's cool! How about that?!

So God created the Universe in six days? No, way. Hasatan did that. God created HIM & God ain't even involved in this world. AT ALL!

Oh, that Bonny!

The thing I never understood was this:

If God created Hasatan (that's just a fancy way of saying the devil. Greeks done called him The Demiurge, Some call it Yaltabat) If God created Hasatan &
if the devil created you and me, then the devil ain't really the devil. You get me!?

Aw, you're probably sick & tired of listening to Ol' Diamond Jack Johnny's dime story, half-wit eschatology, but it is something!

[italics] I was tired. Tired of the train, tired of the rain, and tired of Ol' Diamond Jack Johnny's dime story, half wit eschatology.
But that wasn't gonna stop Old Diamond Jack. Nothing can. not mean old Judge Masterson, not Spice the Hippy Building Inspector, not Scrawney
Bonny, Not the Aces, & certainly not me!

Once he got started, nothing was gonna stop Diamond Jack from getting his point across![/italics]

Aw, this train ain't goin' nowhere is it? Ain't like it used to be... Freight run all these damn lines now. Ever since that Jimmy Carter. Hell. Of. A. Man!

Well, we bound to get there on time. One thing, I know for sure: Somebody down here likes [italics]me[/italics]!


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