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Tags: Postwar

© 2019. License: Creative Commons Attribution

I saw the Grateful Dead,
Before Garcia died
When Di and Charlie wed, you know I nearly cried
1st I followed, then I led,
And now I've stepped aside
'Cause I'm way ahead of my time

I been to Timbuktu,
I walked the Inca Trail,
I caught the Bird's Eye View
Up in a Hanoi Jail,
I been to Malibu,
Where Denny Wilson bailed!
And I'm WAY ahead of my time.

I have vowed to save the world,
And I'd hate to waste your time
I would love to serve you too,
If you'll only walk the line...

Musical Interlude

I would love to set you free
And I'm sure you'd be just fine
Take my hand and walk with me,
You'll just have to walk the line...

I worked my 2.3
I raised my 9 to 5,
I walked in Galilee
Before they made me drive
I ran a 15K
I saw the Southern Lights,
I studied MMA
I even won 3 fights
And then I worked without pay
For three days and four nights
Yeah, I'm way ahead of my time

I had a 3 piece band,
We played at Burning Man
I walked with Dr. King down in Birmingham,
I wrote my masterpiece,
I finished War & Peace,
I fixed the Pope a feast,
I slayed a 10 horned Beast!
I fed the last & least,
& left the market fleeced,
Yeah, I'm way ahead of my, way ahead of my, way ahead of my, way ahead of my, way ahead of my time!

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This is like Johnny Cash I've been everywhere man but after time traveling and gaining deeper knowledge of the time and space continuum. Enjoy it but maybe change the key so the vocals are less strained being such a low register?
 Sep 13, 2019, 10:58 EDT

Is this about Jesus? Left the market fleeced-cause he's the lamb . .. the Lamb of God.
 Jul 03, 2019, 19:02 EDT
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
Are all my newer songs???!!! 0.o -- "The bread is gone, the bottle's dry"...? It's mostly about guys like 'Indiana Jones Hat' etc. in that age group and also people who do stuff to get it off their checklist or "Bucketlist" -- other titles considered were "Bucketlist Berry" and "Todo List Tim"
flag (Jul 04, 2019, 08:16 EDT)