The One

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Genres: Christian Rap, Gospel, Hip-Hop

© 2009. All Rights Reserved
The One by Richard Shekari

Waitin’ 4 beta dayz
Seekin’ tha light coz it’s dark
Who’ll wipe our tears away
We’re waiting for better days
Seeking the light coz it’s dark
Who’ll wipe our tears away
Lord, come make the children smile. (2X)
We went through the valleys and the seas
Yet, we found no one
A great number went up the mountains
Still we found no one
We went up North, down to the South
Yet, we found no one
Combed through the east, back to the west
And didn’t see no one. *CHORUS 2x*
Who’ll wipe the tears of the children in Nigeria
Who’ll wipe the tears of the young ones in Somalia
Who’ll wipe the tears of all the ones stuck in Syria
Who’ll wipe the tears of the children in Palestine. *CHORUS 2x*

For tha sake of tha future
We need 2 stop all tha killings
For tha sake of our children
Let’s put a stop to tha hatin’
You hugged a brother
Then kissed’m with a cold heart
Too many brothers die
On tha telly- leaders lie
They hate peace, no lies
A lot o’mothers cry
As they watch their young die
How did war for paper
Now become men’s pride
Tha world is dark
Men embraced evil over good
Our hearts turned dark
We need light in the hood. *CHORUS 2x*

Copyright 2019 Richard Shekari

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Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to Richard Shekari for “The One”:
Sweet production. Seems like you and your team are dabbling in some new techniques, or am I imagining things???

Short, but sweet.
 Apr 25, 2019, 08:21 EDT
Richard Shekari 
Aaaah, funny thing is I am my team when it comes to this, buddy. lol
How are you, anything new on your side? No song, song paintings, no photos for us to feed our eyes and soul?
flag (Apr 29, 2019, 04:28 EDT)