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Tags: Postwar

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Gremlin gave feedback to Rex Yehudi (shoham) for “Lay You Down (1st)”:
I am liking this one a lot!

Is that a baby or kid in the bg now and then?

This needs a ukelele and ocean sounds and would be a great naughty Hawaiian love tune LOL

Good stuff. Bridge chords seem to be lifted from Trouble Sleeping? Or am I confusing it with another one of your comps?
 Feb 08, 2019, 10:16 EST
Omitted 7 posts.
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Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
It's like cooking, you can be a good cook just by using your senses, you don't need to know about chemistry - maybe even more so for music. But if you know do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do that is Ionian Mode. There are 7 - 1 for each note in the standard cycle. Phrygian is the 3rd Mode. It starts at 'mi':


It's like alchemy more than chemistry, in part because there are plenty of notes other than the 12 standard tones.
flag (Feb 16, 2019, 16:50 EST)
I would agree with that. I view cooking similar to scientific research. Sometimes you have to go off protocol a little to get to the good stuff. Sometimes recipes are better with that personal flair.
Nice. I was briefly a jazz guitar major in 05. I found the more I learned the less creative I became bc I always went to my fav chords. Although I still love a emaj7 to c#min9 transition. You will find these sprinkled in to many gremlin comps throughout the years LOL
flag (Feb 17, 2019, 09:20 EST)
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
I think it's worthwhile to look into scales. Theres something to be said for what it can help you do especially when it comes to improvisation up and down the fret board. I finally got around to it a few months ago and there's a pretty minimal learning curve. The cool thing about the modes is that once you realize how intuitive they are, it's like Neo from The Matrix "Woah, I Know Phrygian!"
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