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A Beautiful day
_Richard Shekari_

A Beautiful Day
-Richard Shekari-

You’re confused and overwhelmed by some negative things in your life
And no one seems to understand you
Your beautiful heart’s still beating
You’re still breathing
Don’t forget one thing;

Oh Yeah. It’s a beautiful day
The rain will wash our pain away
God will wipe our tears away
Ain’t no need to cry, just smile (x2)

I know you’re fed with life
The pain makes you wanna give up the strive
People around ya try’na
Steal or kill your drive
Sneak up on you from behind
holding a trench knife as they smile.
You go through the day acting like you’re okay
You walk down the street smiling but your heart bleeds (2x)
You know they hate you even though they pretend not to
You know they don’t love you even though they pretend to (2x)


Get up on your feet and march on
Brother, stand up and believe in yourself
Don’t you give up ‘cause tomorrow is a better day
Yes, the Lord will wipe our tears away.

*CHORUS (2x)*

Copyright 2019 Richard Shekari

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