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Goodbye my dear, its time to go
Ill have packed my things before you even know
That I’m leaving town
That I’m leaving now
If there’s gas in your car, can I hitch a ride
Wherever you’re going to the city or the Oceanside
I just can’t take it here even one more day

All the things I ever bought you you just gave them all away
All the flowers that I brought you they’ve grown old and turned to grey
Everything I had, I gave it all to you
But it was never enough
So its time we said goodbye

Gonna lay it down, this old guitar
There’s nothing left for me to say anymore
A life of fears and lies
I’ve told them all in rhyme

And the melody it flows through my head
Like the water rushing through the rocks in the riverbed
I have become one with words and song

All the things I ever wrote you never seemed to reach your ears
And all the pages that I filled with thoughts you never cared to hear
Everything I wrote, well it was all for you
But it was never enough
So Ill just bow and say goodnight
Bow and say goodnight

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