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In another time and forgotten place lived poor Esmeralda
Everyone thought of her as the town's disgrace
But to me she was everything
I passed her out on the streets before but I never noticed
That look in her eyes...
As I stood by the river watching the water flow
I didn't know I was under her spell

Thats when it felt as if my whole life suddenly had changed
I woke up in some old castle, covered up with cobwebs, cold and strange
Oh Esmeralda, shes my girl
and I'm her little clown
Trapped in her little world
Until shes tired of having me around
Then the sky fell down and the night time came

I awoke in the fog of the morning dew
and looked out over the wild moor
It was Esmeralda's master plan to keep me locked behind her bedroom door
I havent seen my family in oh so long
I wonder if theyd even know my face
If you passed me out on the streets once more
Would you recognize me as her slave?

Or will I spend the rest of my poor life caught up in the maze
Of a crazy woman's castle that time forgot just out of sight of your gaze
Oh wont you help me, for I'm your son
Can't you break this spell?
and take me home
Far away from this hell
Or will you leave me here in Esmeralda's arms?

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