Coming Home

by Gremlin
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All the words I shouldve said
All the thoughts still in my head
I know now I was wrong to have ever left
To the city bold and bright
on a cold dark winters night
I was itching to get rid of the small town life

With the same old bars
and everyone driving those beat up old time cars
now I'm coming home...

All my family is getting old
Some are dying in the coal mines
My daddy said he'd never let me down
Tobacco fields out in the farm
Faded tats on grandpa's arm
the ones he got the only time he ever left our town

To go fight in the war
Grandma thought that she'd seen the last of him for sure
Cried tears of gold when he came home...

I was wrong to try to hide
Where I came from, the place that gave me my life
It might not seem like much to you
But when I pull up to that lonely traffic light
I know that I'm finally home...

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