Kings & Queens

by Gremlin
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Once again, I’ve failed my friends
In trying to capture a love so grand
So with this pen I’ll try my best to describe
Our paradise
I’ll choose the chords so carefully
To paint a picture of her melody
That runs through my veins like a river so long and so deep
It’ll be my masterpiece

We’re kings & queens in my daydreams
No pawns around for this isn’t a game
A knight in shining armor for you I’d be
Sweep you off your feet
We’d venture away to a distant land
On a sleeping ship with no compass in hand
Our love the only thing to guide us through the misty rains
To uncharted terrain

So can you help me to find these words I long to say?
From time to time my muse disappears
And I’m left with another blank page
Every once & a while
All I require
Is the rush from the waves of the endless sea
& your smile…

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