by Gremlin
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It was a misty night
Or maybe it was afternoon
When I first saw her face
My mind just flickers now
With the thoughts of our first kiss and of her embrace
You know the one that still gives me chills
She was my first love
And the only one who has ever touched me
In quite that way
Yea and in my heart
There’s a place shell always stay
Here inside

She’s full of grace and her smile can’t be replaced
She’s full of grace I wish she was here with me today
For I feel I’m lost inside another smoke filled haze
And I know that, yes I know that
She could help me find my way

But something’s growing inside of her
She don’t know what it is
Or what it’s all about
She stays inside her room
And I hear her cries at night
They say she might not make it out
Well I will never understand how someone so young
Could ever be taken away

She’s full of grace but her smile it starts to fade
She’s full of grace although she’s so afraid
That it will all end in a string of meaningless days
Well I promise, I promise to be by your side
Until you close your eyes for the last time
Yea for the last time…

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