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Genres: Rap, Retro, Trip-Hop
Tags: The Future, Rex Razor

© 2018. All Rights Reserved

The Future (Rex Razor)
Heal the future
So the children can dance
Cos they are the future
It’s time to make them smile
Back up rap:
Our Children dying everyday
I see bullets flying everywhere
We need to stop right now
Heal the future right now
In the dead of night
Gun shots
Fiery bullets lit the sky
Many fathers ain’t home
Some children left alone
left confused
At the mercy of war
Running in the dark
Scared, screaming-crying for help
Women need to lead us homie for once
Coz blood thirsty men
Feed our souls to hell
Come on
All we do is kill and poison our own
All we do is love the paper while hating our kind
All I see is mothers crying everyday
The pain of watching young ones dying everyday

Drugs and hunger killing our babies everyday
Our leaders promised changed
Now they look and sound strange
The rich are getting richer
The poor are getting poorer
See nobody cares
They don’t care about us
We only have each other
Hold my hands
Coz we blood
Since nobody cares
It’s only God there is to trust
Hold ma hand, let’s go
Rap 2
Our classroom walls
Tainted with blood stains
Worship places in smoke
Our homes burnt to the ground
innocent kids buried in the playground
Innocent lives wasted when they come around
What are we to do
Now where we gonna go
Who do we trust
Who else do we turn to
In darkest times
Only love will lead the way
fear will make you worry
so it need be cast away
Seek the light
And stick to the right path

It never gon’be easy
Cos the whole world’s sleazy
Vengeance is the Lord’s
We belong to the Lord
Learn to forgive
It’ll heal you from within
Forget ya enemies
Evil has its own descendants
These serpents say they family
In real sense they devourers
Their father came to steal
Kill and to destroy
Why is you surprised
Homie darkness has no shadow
Raise your torch, let’s go
Rest in peace to all the innocent children
All the beautiful souls lost in the war wedged by men…
Against men, Over vanity.
Father forgive us
Mould our ever desperate wicked hearts into that which shall appear pleasing before thy ever loving
Have mercy on us, Lord
And pour thy compassion upon us.
My heart goes out to the strong and peace loving people of Syria, Congo, Nigeria, Iraq, India, Sudan,
Afghanistan, Mexico, Somalia, Libya, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Yemen, Ukraine, Niger,
Cameroon, Israel and Palestine. Yeah
Darkness is friend to no one…
for it seeks to destroy itself and everything it touches
we need the kingdom of God down here
Nothing more, nothing less

Yeah… Rex Razor.
Copyright Richard Shekari 2018

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