Fresh Air

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Genres: Punk, Rock, Alternative

Track 3

Broken windows in a downtown scene
Finding meaning in the meaningless things
Just doing something to pass the time
The silence of your absence ruins my mind
You used to be someone I always needed
Something natural like the air I'm breathing
But out came a few simple words to undo
Everything that we've been through

It's been so long since I've looked in the mirror
And recognized the tired eyes of the person staring back at me
It looks like I got in a fist fight with the night
These darkened bags under my eyes
Hold the person who I used to be

I'm just a small boy living in a world of giants
If there's a way out
I guarantee I'll find it
And go back to the person that I used to be
I'll relearn how to live my life and how to breathe

You'll say "How're you feeling now"
I'll say I'm a little down
I'm doing better than yesterday
Because I forgot all the words you say
I got wrapped up in what I thought I needed
You cut me deep til i started bleeding
Now I don't care if we undo
Everything that we've been through

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