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A politically charged song along with social media commentary. Not really a serious contender but whatever

In the crowd all I see
Is people staring down at their feet
No noone is looking at me
Their faces morph into Emojis, yea

Staring at the screen is the American Dream
Waiting patiently on the texts and the tweets
On and on and on they drone
Hashtag "were all a slave to our phones" yea

Can you help me out?
Can you help us out?
B/c I fear we're all spinning out of control

Everywhere you look all the places you go
People bumping into things playing Pokemon Go
And if perhaps you dont know where its at
Just stay tuned to the latest Snapchat, yea

Donald and Hillary are on the news
Talkin' bout how things are gonna be "YUGE"
Just give us some kind of time machine
Take us back to John and Robert Kennedy, yea

Can you help me out?
Can you help us out?
B/c I fear we're all spinning out of control

Why does it feel like we're just standing still?
Pointing fingers at each other trying to take the blame off ourselves
Well we can turn it around I know if we just make a stand
Really "Make America Great Again"

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You missed pronounced "Yuge" at 2:00. LOL. Again with the Neil Youngisms! Awesome.

Yo, I recorded this puppy for you:

No-Fi recording, but I thin k it has potential. Make things great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -$shoham
 Aug 22, 2016, 10:41 EDT
Haha yes thats true. Its funny bc I dont even really listen to NY and own none of his albums, but I am compared to him more than any of my actual influences/bands that inspire me to pick up a guitar.

Like I am much more inspired by guys like Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, and Graham Parker then Young, Dylan, or Springsteen.

Excellent. Will listen soon!
flag (Aug 22, 2016, 14:56 EDT)
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
Elvis Costello, believe it or not was the inspiration for the style and chord changes of "We Are the Musicmakers!" But it's weird, people I know who don't like The Beatles will say they like my music (like with WalaWalaWala) and then bands I don't really like. But it goes for me to the context of things. Like the friend I'm thinking of in particular, I once listened to a Beatles album with him and he was so bored that I couldn't get into it, even though I was trying to get him into it. All of the sudden, the intimidation of what The Beatles did melted away -- at least for a few minutes. Weird.
flag (Aug 22, 2016, 17:23 EDT)
Yes. I can hear it. It is odd how certain people have aversions to particular groups/artists. I was that way with Springsteen for awhile, but came to terms with it, and Darkness on the Edge of Town is actually a pretty solid record, but the rest still dont do much for me.

Alex was telling everyone that their was "obvious Neutral Milk Hotel influence" on my songwriting for the Sleeping Ships record. In my head Im thinking, "dude Ive never even listened to that group"
flag (Aug 23, 2016, 13:36 EDT)