Soul Pirates

by Gremlin
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What do you know, the time goes slow
On this boat with no place to go
Sometimes it feels just like the oceans standing still and I dont know
What day it is, the pain persists
It never quits, so desolate
The emptiness it engulfs me and so it goes

I never knew you were a pirate that was after my soul
I never realized I had a heart of gold
But you took everything and left me just an empty shell
Of what I used to be
Your lies were bullets shot
Apologies, just stop
You taught me something I'll never forget
Even when I'm out at sea
Beware of soul pirates

You were the girl with all the charms
And you came to me in a song
Your sweet melody was stuck inside of my head but I was wrong
About you, so out of tune
All you were after were my dubloons
I only wish I could've seen it all along

Repeat chorus

She, she took everything from me, yea she took everything (repeated)
But she taught me something I'll never forget
No matter your address
Beware of soul pirates

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LoKey512 gave feedback to Gremlin for “Soul Pirates”:
Rock on Gremlin, great song as always.Production is excellent.You are a great song writer as well, enjoy listening to your music.
 Dec 21, 2015, 15:07 EST
Thanks. This one is for our band, which has a more rock oriented sound. I have a lot of songs uploaded here that are more singer-songwriter/folky solo stuff, but I could write a song like that everyday. It is much more of a personal challenge to me to write rock music, and even then I incorporate a lot of jazz chords which tends to give them a bit of an identifiable sound I guess
flag (Dec 22, 2015, 10:22 EST)
Right on
flag (Dec 22, 2015, 10:26 EST)