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Genres: Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop
Tags: Rexrazor, Frozen Tears, Music

© 2014. All Rights Reserved

Written by Richard Shekari. Performed by Rex Razor and Naydo
How can the rich represent the poor?
They packed everything and shut the door
We’re trying to survive with the crumbs they left on the floor
Trying to force a smile in the midst of war
Worship places getting burnt, children dying of hunger
The fate of the masses hanging on the fangs of poverty
On our faces, frozen tears
Yeah! Naydo, take over
NAYDO: Try and smile better days are up ahead
Everything’s gon’be alright hold ma hands and wipe yours tears
You’re never alone, I will always be here
You need be strong, course to me you belong
I feel your pain when you cry in the rain
My child don’t worry I’m by your side (2X)
When the devil pull the strings
This is what it all brings
Can’t wait to get my wings
Fly to where we’ll all be kings
Far away from this pain
Wash my sorrows down the drain
These voices in my head
Got me crying in the rain
Wicked demons being deployed
Mankind is being destroyed
It’s time to make that choice
Rise up as one voice
They’re feeding us hate
Serving poison on our plates
Heart of a single mother bleeds
Her son murdered on the streets
Pushing drugs to the ghettos
Women getting raped in metros
They spying us like geckos
And they wonder why I’m retro
They’re trying to strangle peace
Wars and rumours have increased
Our numbers been decreased
Mass grave for the deceased
They said they can lead us
But these men can’t be trusted
They stink of lies, my trust in God I invested
At the top of their voice
They keep pledging different promises
When they want votes, they’ll be storming our premises
They preach about change but everyday’s getting strange
Good men embraced the bench, things need be rearranged
The needy are rejected
Times of war they’re affected
Their livelihood infected
Wrong men got elected
Children round the world confused
Their foundation’s being abused
Their parents have refused to put their roles into use
From the moment I appeared, the devil tried to steer
He pushing wrong ideas, trying to feed my heart with fear
>>> Chorus
I was so weak
Helpless stuck in the battle
Who’d have thought?
An ordinary name will send them running
Surrounded by friends, back stabbing fake friends
They wear a smile but behind their smile a sharp sword
They think that I am fool, but I know that they’re losers
This life that I borrowed maybe packed up with sorrows
I rather give the owner than the big lying thief
Who came to destroy, steal and to kill
I’m a stranger in this world
They never treated me with kind
A kid looking for a hug but got treated like a bug
Running from my sins
Trying to keep Christ within
Got to keep the light within
Thus remain strong within
The souls of men every second being supplied to hell
The needs of the masses cast aside
The orphans and the homeless everyday pushed aside
That’s why them momma’s cry
Tear glands getting dry
They’re stealing our ration
Cutting down our population
Heard they legalized abortion
Devil’s plan roles in motion
They put to the death the innocent, the women and the children
Deranged men pulling triggers on them lil’kids
Our homes are being broken
But these words have been spoken
The hearts of men is rotten
And the beast has awoken
You ride with the fallen; your soul will never rise
In tough times be tough
Stand strong and be wise
>>> Chorus

When you run from the light
You’ll be lost in the dark
When you say you don’t need God
Be bold enough to kiss the devil
See I ain’t trying to worry
Every man got his story
Though my heart’s getting weary
Loved ones are getting buried
I’m never in a hurry
Reason why you’ll never have me
Funny how you tried to trap me
In a trance you tried to fool me
Remember that night
My EYES got opened to the TRUTH
You said you want to fight Him
When you can’t even face Him
You can’t stand his name
Man, your boys got me laughing
I admire your courage but I can’t lift your baggage
I heard you is condemned
Congratulations on your future
I see you’re trying to feature
Lots of men in that picture
Behind closed doors, my heart speaks through tears
On the surface I’m calmed been pretending all these years
What’s the point of living if my heart can’t love?
What’s the point of singing if I can’t fly like doves?
From dust we came but our purpose ain’t the same
Heard you sold your soul for sex, money and the fame
I’m a sinner homie too but not a fool like you
Man you got no clue
Homie ain’t that true
Yeah it’s Rex Razor
The shit’s getting major
Don’t say I never told ya
Be strong like a soldier
Lord forgive my sins
My dirty soul need be cleansed
Man, God is good
Tell them homies in the hood
>>> Chorus
Better days are up ahead
Everything’s gonna be alright
Just hold my hand and wipe your tears
Yeah, Rex Razor and Naydo
Frozen tears, I’m trying to keep ma head above water.
Still don’t know what they sent me down here for.
I’m just playing baby I’m just playing.

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LoKey512 gave feedback to Richard Shekari for “Frozen tears”:
Excellent song, your lyrics are very relevant as well as a breath of fresh air from the average rap song which raps about nothing.Very powerful message indeed.Your flow style and delivery is game tight and the beat is banging as well.Keep wrecking the mic with realness because that's what the rap game needs.
 Dec 17, 2015, 02:00 EST
Richard Shekari 
i am honoured, thank you for taking your time to listen. Hope you are doing just fine. you can download my debut novels free here
The Broken Wings of Forgiveness:
Anna the Human:
flag (Dec 28, 2015, 23:48 EST)

The Closers gave feedback to Richard Shekari for “Frozen tears”:
"Try and smile better days are up ahead" -- very powerful message. It's sad, but it is true -- the poor stay poor, and the rich richer. Stay strong in spirit!

Well done. -$theclosers
 Jun 15, 2015, 10:47 EDT
Richard Shekari 
thank you so much for the support
flag (Jun 15, 2015, 12:17 EDT)
The Closers 
it's no problem. thanks for sharing.
flag (Jun 15, 2015, 13:16 EDT)