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Genres: Acoustic, Vocal, Rock

© 2014. License: Creative Commons Attribution
Threw this song together tonight. I'm such a sucker for autotune.

Screw the American dream.
The American dreamer
never knew he would never be
who he saw on the screen

He was raised to believe
if he did all the things
like the people he’d seen on TV
well then maybe it could be he who would
make it come true, lately
you’d think he could do it, too
Cause they sold it to you too
And you’ve always kind of thought
you had a chance at it but
they planted that idea inside me and also in you

now you’re on the streets, always on your feet
is it all worth it?
Fighting just to eat, finding spots to sleep
but we all heard that
every one who keeps working through the deep
tension will eventually get the attention and credibility

but this is an intervention,
because now there’s a depression
for every one star there’s a million not mentioned
they all tried really hard, and they all really meant it
they’re talented and smart and they never got the credit

So this one’s for them, and this one’s for me
if we ever look back at the things we’ve achieved
and feel let down or cheated, it’s not because we
weren’t amazing it’s just the American Dream

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