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Genre: Folk

© 2013.

Gonna climb the oak trees
Wanna smell some flowers
think I'll sit in my yard and watch the birds for hours

Glide through the meadow and inhale all the pollen
think about the names the wind keeps callin'

Trek throught the forest
traversing all the ruts
where the motored monsters churned the path to mud

Lifeless Lying in a treadmark
Drowned in the run-off
Sprawled across the whole of his home
Silence keeps his mouth shut

Trudge through the forest
inhaling all the fumes
They just wanna go fast and that's their best excuse

Engines stalling in the midst of a shower
these men recede to nothing without their horse power

Sucking through the mud in an effort to dry
cold shoulders shake the advice of amphibious tribes

Fumagated mushrooms
resting on the dish
stale and dry lack luscious
initiate the switch

Frantically pushing through the tall grass
Waiting for something to attack
Pupils dilated and the windshield's cracked
get the hell out of here never to come back

Lifeless lying on the cold ground
undetectable by the blood hound

Sprawled across thier faux home
don't forget the dead mouse

These cheese has curdled in this labryinth of maize
creatures harvest bones of men who died in vain

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Date uploaded: Aug 18, 2013, 23:57 EDT Show more info
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Gabrielle gave feedback to J. Wager for “Fumigated Mushrooms”:
whoah, serious/scary lyrics at the end. Who died? I thought it was happy/folksy till I got to the end and got confused...
 Aug 22, 2013, 23:17 EDT
J. Wager 
The atv riding sons of bitches get killed by some woodland creatures
flag (Aug 26, 2013, 00:11 EDT)

Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to J. Wager for “Fumigated Mushrooms”:
Cool tune JW. I think that it could use some harmonies at some point in here, but I like your execution on the vocals on this one a lot more than I liked it on Groundhog Valentine.

Maybe some percussion instead of, or in addition to some vocal harmonies :p

Perfect length on this one. I did not catch all of the lyrics but have a sense of the story just by the way you are telling it -- very cool!

Thank you,
 Aug 19, 2013, 08:47 EDT