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Genres: Electronic, Pop, New Wave

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The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that you cannot know a particle's position and momentum at the same time. If you observe a particle, you influence its position. I took that concept and ran with it. Vocally, Heisenberg, Revisited is the closest thing on this album to the sort of singing I did on my first two albums.

I could touch
But I don't want
To erase the world I see

And I can feel you there
But are you
Really next to me?

'Cause I'm a small man
I do what I can
To navigate the foam

You're effervescent
I can't tell
When I'm alone

Dust is all I touch and see

I split apart
The particles
And microgravity

And I can feel you shiver
But I can't tell
If it's for me

'Cause I'm a cold hand
A flash of pain
Without a matching moan

But when these
Points of light collide
You know you're not alone

Dust is all I touch and see
The taste of your uncertainty

Points of light and air so free
Am I to you as you to me?

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