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Produced by a friend of mine, Use Secret. Check out his stuff, it'll blow your mind.

Poaching skins and trading furs
Fish hooked for sport
Trees chopped and turned into floors
Living in artificial warmth

Steel bird pollutes the sky
Moving apathetic eyes
Descending fuel runs dry
Miracle if one survives

It's getting colder
Frightened by the winter's night
No sign of life (here)
Warding off fanged frostbite
No chance of sight (here)
Despite the glistening white

Footprints mark the perimeter
Of a camp far from home
Fire lights faces of leather
Exchanging tales of hope

Wolves howl at a hollow sky
Bears scrape the earth
Fangs close in on the men who
Violated Nature's turf

Off in the distance
But charging rather close
The stoic horn sounds from
The Psychedelic Moose
Rescue or relief
He sets the sentients loose

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Date uploaded: Dec 20, 2012, 21:52 EST Show more info
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