Genre: Poetry
Tags: The Poems Of Noir, Dark

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Very cool. Interesting imagery. I'd actually like to see you merge these poems with your imagery, and see what happens. I think that it could make for a very intriguing kind of a work. Also, do people speak much English in Armenia? I know that you said that you lived in America, but even most Americans don't write verse in English... Where were you and how long? We want answers o_0

 Aug 12, 2012, 16:47 EDT
David Samuel Partamian 
Thanks you very much - and no, most of the people in Armenia do not speak English, though the majority does speak fluent Russian besides Armenian. It's just that my mother taught me three languages at once since I was an infant - Armenian, English and Russian. As for America - I lived in California for two months, and in Hawai'i for three weeks.

PS The funny part is that my poetry and my paintings have an interesting relationship - meaning that when I concentrate on poetry, it's really hard to create meaningful paintings, and currently, as I'm concentrated on my art, any poem I write sounds intolerably cliche to me.
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Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
I want to go to Hawaii. It's expensive though, I think. You're still young, too so you might even get to a point where it all blends together...
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