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Genres: Acoustic, Lo-Fi, Punk Rock

© 2012.
first recording of a new song not final version (pretty much so I can show people I jam with who live far away from me) cause I don't have a mp3 converting program, I know it's terrible it's the future for god's sake... but if anyone out there likes it awesome!

put them up soon

Stream: 128 kbps, 44 kHz (joint stereo)
Download: 320.0 kbps, 44 kHz (joint stereo), 5.08 MB
Playing time (m:ss): 2:13
Date uploaded: Jun 15, 2012, 16:06 EDT Show more info
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Oh man I dig this right here.

What you got what you want what you need, also is brilliant. Do I hear a G, D, and C?

Only thing is would of liked to hear an ending or fade out.
 May 19, 2019, 02:52 EDT

I like it -- the future is lo-fi and the future is now -- stay indie, stay lo-fi forever!!! But wait, it cut off in the middle!!!! AHHHHH! Still, a great start!
 Jun 15, 2012, 18:08 EDT
hahah thanks man it did cut off the end a lili bit, ran out of space I'll remix this baby too
flag (Jun 16, 2012, 00:02 EDT)