That Girl

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Genres: Acoustic, Folk, Vocal

© 2012. License: Creative Commons Attribution
Short & sweet song I wrote for my girlfriend.

Hey excuse me ma'am,
but you ought to understand
that I have this fascination with the thought of you

and there's shivers down my spine
every single time that I bring myself to look at you

and i has to be unreal,
because the way you make me feel
makes me think that I might just be in love with you

so I wrote this song to say
what I've felt every day,
I hope that it's okay that I love you

I tried to hide it from you
because I fear what you'd respond,
there's nothing I want less than to make this thing go wrong

because nothing feels as right
as when you're beside me there
so please don't leave my side
when I tell you that I care about you

You and me,
I cannot believe
how every little thing is a little more with you
and every time
your lips press against mine
I feel that I've found the only thing I need to find

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