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Genres: Hard Rock, Metal, Punk Rock

© 2012. All Rights Reserved
Words and music by me.

Love is trying to find a way around,
Somebody else who's laying down,
Right in the way of where I want to go.

These words have many meanings.
I'm not just walking blindly any more.
And if you'd lend me your ear, I want to tell you something.

I love parts of you, but some of the rest I could do without.
Do you feel the same way about me?
You're so beautiful,
Except the lack of personality.
But I think I could overlook that.

Thinking of the future shows you're living in the past.
Sometimes it's best to just let it go if you love someone.
Isn't that what it's all about?
Isn't that what this song's about?

I saw the first star tonight,
And I made a wish upon it,
While I was driving around.
Trying to make up my mind.
What I'm going to say to you.
When did I get so timid?
Why can't I make a move?
I've been living under your shadow for such a long time.

Sit back and tell me you want me half as much as you did a year ago.
I won't think this is just me til you convince me so.
I've got nothing to stay for any more.

This place holds nothing, but we don't want to talk abou it.
I'd leave with nothing but the shirt on my back.

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