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Genres: Acoustic, Punk
Tags: Lo-Fi

Just a quick and dirty demo. We are planning on recording this as a full band soon. I just thought I would throw this up here for now to prove that we have been working on stuff!

Remember rolling in the summer with the windows down
With my friends, listening to all of our favorite sounds
We can hear the guitars ringing
We were singing along to our favorite songs
I can hear the words ringing in my ears

Hold on to something
hold on to me
hold on to the things you believe in
If you think the stories gonna end
Rewrite your chapter
Fall over backwards
Fall into the ocean blue
Swim your way to safety
Set yourself free
Its what you gotta do

I can remember what it felt like laying by her side
I fell asleep to her words every night
Singing me to sleep
Felt so right


Remember boarding in the summer
Things couldn't have been better
Remember when Rew fell down the rock
He was rolling too fast and couldn't stop
Remember jamming in my dad's cramped basement room
Or when Tyler said he was cussing out of the womb
I want to go back there
I can here the words ringing in my ears


MP3: 128.0 kbps, 44 kHz (joint stereo), 3.48 MB
Playing time (m:ss): 3:48
Date uploaded: Mar 26, 2012, 23:15 EDT Show more info
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Good start, guys. I'd like to hear this one with the whole band together. Has a good summer-time pop-punk sound to it. Could use that punch only a good rhythm section can give a tune, still...

Still, I like the little guitar riff in the middle, I'd expand that a little bit too. Thanks for sharing! -Shoham
 Mar 29, 2012, 07:54 EDT
The Airvents 
Thanks for listening! I was definitely going for that pop-punk summer sound. We are all excited about this one. We think it will be a fun, energetic song. We hope to get it recorded soon!

flag (Mar 30, 2012, 18:45 EDT)
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
Nice :D Always good to have the whole band together!
flag (Mar 30, 2012, 21:39 EDT)
The Airvents 
My thoughts exactly. We have played it through a few. Still fine tuning it...but we are definitely having fun with this jam.
flag (Mar 30, 2012, 22:52 EDT)
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
THAT's what I'm talkin' 'about.
flag (Mar 31, 2012, 06:43 EDT)