Genres: Mixed Media, Sculpture, Other Art
Tags: Bull, Polymerclay, Mlp, Newyorkcity

My Little Pony Customized into the Wall Street Bull/Charging Bull. Core is a butchered (melted & re-formed, cut & "welded")MLP, copper wire armature where needed, covered in polymer clay, painted with craft acrylics for a faux bronzed finish.
Date uploaded: Aug 22, 2011, 17:27 EDT Show more info
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This is very well done! It has hints of both influences and combined perfectly!
And it looks great from any angle!
 Nov 23, 2012, 08:35 EST

Awesome use of a my little pony.
 Nov 08, 2011, 19:22 EST

This is cool, RainyC! Very creative. How did you decide to take a My Little Pony doll, melt it down, and turn it into a Wall Street Bull? Do you sell these thing?

Thanks for sharing,

 Aug 22, 2011, 19:46 EDT
I am a big fan of vinyl toys, and some MLP customs came up on some of the art blogs I subscribe to via my RSS feed. I happened to have a My Little Pony laying around, and happened to be a bit obsessed with New York City after having visited. I also liked the idea and symbolism involved with taking what could easily be considered the symbol of American capitalism and merging it with a cheap child's toy. I do sell such things, though I currently only take commissions for custom pieces, since once I make something for myself (like this bull), I give it away in most cases, before I ever have a chance to sell it. This particular sculpture lives with my father. Also, I am a bit backed up with orders at the moment, and though I am taking requests, I do not have a fast turn around time, until I get caught up with the orders I have for paintings and plushies, that is. Thanks for the feedback!
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0ctavio G0nzalez 
That is a very appropriate merger. Too bad I couldn't make the acquisition. -O.G.
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