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Genres: Folk, Acoustic, Rhythmic Soul

A song that kind of wrote itself. Just experimenting and playing around with a few techniques. The beginning is still rough, so stick through it.

I fold I will sit out this round
I fold I will put this hand down
I told you I was feeling under
the weather these days
I hear that we are in for thunder
A hurricane is headed this way
One look took my breath away
(lift up to infinity)
Stumble over what to say
(lift up to infinity)
Buckle up, you'll need your seat
(lift up to infinity)
Check ignition one, two, three
(lift up to infinity)
Son of God
The father of life and beyond
I can't tell if you are holding on
(x4 instrumental)
What happens when your downtown and you've got nothing' to do
but think about all thing things that shouldn't bother you
That time in junior high, when you didn't have a clue
That girl that got away, because she had nothing to lose
So you go hide from all the noise to find a quiet seat
Replay your favorite memories from a d8usty imaginary
And before you can tell if it's going to help or if it will harm
You feel you're in hell, you want to rebel, you're so unarmed
Oh My Son of God
This is father of life and beyond
I can promise you I'm not holding on
I can promise you I'm not holding on
I fold I will sit out this round.
I fold I will lay my head down.
I told you I was feeling under
whelmed by everything
Ooooh la Oh Mé raw

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Date uploaded: Jul 21, 2011, 17:04 EDT Show more info
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WalaWalaWala gave feedback to Xack Fischer for “Qualms Of Faith”:
Beginning reminds me a lot of "Say It Ain't So", and the whole song has a Wheezer feel in that it's fun.

I think that the production value could be helped out with some kind of percussion, live or electronic.

Very cool lyrics, and I especially like the harmonies. I think that I would redo the harmonica, I feel as if it might be in the wrong key.

Cool tune-- I like the fade out!

 Aug 06, 2011, 20:06 EDT
Xack Fischer 
I haven't really listened to any weezers, but I'll check it out. You are right about the harmonica being out of key - I am working in better versions of a lot of my songs and that is something I have fixed (it drives me crazy whenever I hear that first note haha)
flag (Aug 06, 2011, 20:11 EDT)
rly? they were pretty big in the '89's 'buddy holly', and 'say it ain't so' were probably their biggest hits. Here is the aforementioned "Say It Ain't So":
flag (Aug 06, 2011, 20:30 EDT)