6 foot 7 foot

by Arsini
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Genres: Hip-Hop, Alternative, Rap

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I'm one year old, just now learnin to talk
and all the bent up rage i got'll sound the yearnin til off
i'm on my chain, not on the leash, i'm not a dog, i'm just it's teeth
i rip the freak in two, leap at you, then i'm back on his feet
I'm not a kid, i'm a twisted flip that can't lift
his own weight in his mental, I switch and land, swish..
..through the cycle of fire, i'm stupid, so i desire
that whoever feels the full rain trip gets diluted with wire (me!)

5 foot 5 foot, larger than life
5 foot 5 foot, death by mic

hello, 9 years old, i'm flowin outta control
gettin just a little smarter, tell me, how does it go?
it goes, one arm to the sky, same bone crackin through, i'm black and blue
I've had it, who, do you think you are? i've written some stories too (ha ha)
i run and jump, on the lightbulbs, crackin my train left
off the tracks 'cause god is back, a crash in the same step
i'm figurin out my name, consider what i became
..and what i will become, any of, the soon to be stray

I'm the knife that cut the spoon, in the same body, construed

as rage, obvious blue, and tame, cockyness too

I'm happy now, i'm 19, just kidding, or lying
i'll probly be in serendipity while i'm dying
gettin more mature and more than words could ever say to me
I'm A to Z, debatably, and simple yet verbatim, see!
I'm, fuckin crazy and we said that i'm not real
i think you lost me somewhere between my brain and that hot steel
second by the minute, hour by our year
It's now or steer, the power's near, i'm fallin outta the sneer

a smilin leviathan, eatin what can't move
i'm drownin under the slaughter, my friend, that can't do

i'm 29, and lending spines to ghosts with no backs
losin self control to just as much as hell can hold, i know that
but they need me and i need to give, a secretive, man, leader if
and only if, they scan for why they solely split their holiness
demon inside the glass, the drop from within the leak
thats stops, just when it speaks, then knots both of its feet
now deep, pain, pleasure, inside you, careful, don't bleed
it's spreading throughout my body, an already old freak

5 foot 5 foot, larger than life
5 foot 5 foot, death by mic

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platypus gave feedback to Arsini for “6 foot 7 foot”:
OHHH YESSS! These rhymes are water tight.
 Oct 07, 2012, 15:20 EDT

Ryan Toth gave feedback to Arsini for “6 foot 7 foot”:
very nice, i wish i still had my lollypop remix i did. check out my stuff not much of it is rappable but if you like any of the beats feel free to take em!
 Aug 05, 2011, 13:06 EDT
Thanks! Sure thing!
flag (Aug 05, 2011, 13:15 EDT)