She just turned 5 months 05072011 I have two more AST'S a 10 yr and 2 yr old, I'll be breeding when Roxy turns 1 yrs.
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Daryl C. Hill gave feedback to Ley_Heck for “Roxy passed out and hot”:

What a great and fun shot of your, "Roxy", in her compromising position. I bet she is a lot of fun. She is a beautiful shade of brown. I will send a link to my friends who are animal lovers, as well.

 Dec 03, 2011, 19:40 EST

Interpret gave feedback to Ley_Heck for “Roxy passed out and hot”:
Hah! I was staring at this for a while before I realized what it was. A CUTE ASS PUPPY!!!!

This is the quintessential Labrador "check out my vag" sleeping position that I love. I had a lab for about 9 years, best dog I've ever gotten to know.
 May 11, 2011, 10:06 EDT
Thanks indeed funny picture, but Roxy is now a 5 month American Staffordshire Terrier commonly known as "Pit-Bull" but that isn't their true name nor does it sound friendly, I have two more a 10 yr female, and 2 yr male. I intend to breed Roxy she's UKC he's NKC is that aloud, or able to produce papers for pups? If anyone knows I'd greatly appreciate the feedback thanks.
flag (May 11, 2011, 22:42 EDT)