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Genres: Rap, Hip-Hop, Club
Tags: Downriver, Detroit, Banger, Hype, D-Boy, Dope, Drugs, Money, Real

Written for all my D-boy affiliates that asked me "When you gonna make me some theme music to bump when I'm out hustlin on my grind"... hear it is. Written from the passenger seat of my closest investor. Now let me get back to being dark and sad and not putting our business out there like that any more. ;) Rest in Peace to: King Joe, Ricky B, Proof, Beto, Rob M., Cindy, and Mike G. [Full album, featuring 2 exclusive songs, available YouTube,, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and Verizon V-Cast]

"This issues Windows Vista, Gotta get it out my system fast/
The Kid is back- Been missin' rap, Been itchin' just to rip a track/
These sissy rappers' wicked wack, Where the shit's the RZA at?/
It's a fact- this shit's so crap, been listenin' to Nickelback/
How sick is that? So sick of that, I'm shiverin' and drippin' sweat/
Where I been since spittin' last?, In the kitchen gettin' that/
Since Ricky past- been livin' fast, try'na get them chips to stack/
Pistol grip within my lap, You push the issue- It's a wrap/
Downriver rat- deliver that, shit that gets your wig to snap/
I'm into wisdom- gettin' cash, and slippin' dick to stripper snatch/
Lickin' cat- I'm into that, The kid's a vision in the sack/
Better get your bitch, infact I even twist her sister back/
I'm in the whip that's big and black, with rims that fit the whip that Bat-/
man had in the film, Denali grill and the windows black/
With the strippers in the back, with crispy grip in zipper bags/
And THIS knot's for the bitches, kid I call this stack my "Chicken-Scratch"/

I'm makin' dope-boy music, while I'm baggin' up my teeners- Hoe/
Rappin' in vernacular, you actors never seen in Blow/
You need your dope- I fiend for dough, Bag it up and leave 'em froze/
Tell me what you need- and make it speedy, cause I need to roll/
Sunday night at Subi's, Try'na find the time to see the show/
Flash a stack of C-notes- now, drop it down and keep it low/
What I say? Singles? No, We don't even see those so/
you know I mean a C-note, when I'm speakin' 'bout my green- Now go/
take a couple these at no, cost- The boss is TiKkO Rome/
"What're these?"- They're Vs & coke, What you think they're cheesin' fo'/
Poppin' 'em like Pringles- soda pop, and droppin' 3 or 4/
Keep these freaks competin', we can see which hoe's the deepest throat/
She don't even need pole, See those knees? She's a pro/
We call that freak "The Speaker"- Yo, When TiKkO's flowin'- "speakers" blow/
Waitress send a drink to Bo, Don't ask why- That's need to know/
So keep your leaky nose- up out my biz, and sniff this diesel- Ohhhhh!/

My hustle's like another wife, I hustled all my fuckin' life/
from bundles to a muffled mic, for mufflers on a custom bike/
Money is my trusted vice, and sluts that lust to fuck ya right/
A couple Vics- A busto night, I leave them guts with busted pipes/
Plus the ones that's plush and tight, I once loved to rush and fight/
but now I'd rather bust a gun, Ain't scuffin up my fuckin Nikes/
I don't run and duck the fuzz at night, cause I'm the one that does it right/
Got muzzles on those custos, cause I'm flyer than a hundred kites/

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Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to TiKkO for “02) Dope Boy Theme”:
It's been a while man. You got any new tracks? We're still waiting for 'Pink & Green' -s
 Jun 07, 2015, 08:35 EDT