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Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, Club
Tags: Downriver, Detroit, Banger, Hype, D-Boy, Dope, Drugs, Money, Real

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"This issues Windows Vista, Gotta get it out my system fast/
The Kid is back- Been missin' rap, Been itchin' just to rip a track/
These sissy rappers' wicked wack, Where the shit's the RZA at?/
It's a fact- this shit's so crap, been listenin' to Nickelback/
How sick is that? So sick of that, I'm shiverin' and drippin' sweat/
Where I been since spittin' last?, In the kitchen gettin' that/
Since Ricky past- been livin' fast, try'na get them chips to stack/
Pistol grip within my lap, You push the issue- It's a wrap/
Downriver rat- deliver that, shit that gets your wig to snap/
I'm into wisdom- gettin' cash, and slippin' dick to stripper snatch/
Lickin' cat- I'm into that, The kid's a vision in the sack/
Better get your bitch, infact I even twist her sister back/
I'm in the whip that's big and black, with rims that fit the whip that Bat-/
man had in the film, Denali grill and the windows black/
With the strippers in the back, with crispy grip in zipper bags/
And THIS knot's for the bitches, kid I call this stack my "Chicken-Scratch"/

I'm makin' dope-boy music, while I'm baggin' up my teeners- Hoe/
Rappin' in vernacular, you actors never seen in Blow/
You need your dope- I fiend for dough, Bag it up and leave 'em froze/
Tell me what you need- and make it speedy, cause I need to roll/
Sunday night at Subi's, Try'na find the time to see the show/
Flash a stack of C-notes- now, drop it down and keep it low/
What I say? Singles? No, We don't even see those so/
you know I mean a C-note, when I'm speakin' 'bout my green- Now go/
take a couple these at no, cost- The boss is TiKkO Rome/
"What're these?"- They're Vs & coke, What you think they're cheesin' fo'/
Poppin' 'em like Pringles- soda pop, and droppin' 3 or 4/
Keep these freaks competin', we can see which hoe's the deepest throat/
She don't even need pole, See those knees? She's a pro/
We call that freak "The Speaker"- Yo, When TiKkO's flowin'- "speakers" blow/
Waitress send a drink to Bo, Don't ask why- That's need to know/
So keep your leaky nose- up out my biz, and sniff this diesel- Ohhhhh!/

My hustle's like another wife, I hustled all my fuckin' life/
from bundles to a muffled mic, for mufflers on a custom bike/
Money is my trusted vice, and sluts that lust to fuck ya right/
A couple Vics- A busto night, I leave them guts with busted pipes/
Plus the ones that's plush and tight, I once loved to rush and fight/
but now I'd rather bust a gun, Ain't scuffin up my fuckin Nikes/
I don't run and duck the fuzz at night, cause I'm the one that does it right/
Got muzzles on those custos, cause I'm flyer than a hundred kites/

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Date uploaded: Nov 22, 2010, 23:04 EST Show more info
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JaeWhompus gave feedback to TiKkO for “Dope Boy Theme (earlier mix)”:
This is a nice club banger! I like the beat the delivery and everything about this song. It is catchy and has a nice beat. Keep up the good work.
 Aug 07, 2013, 19:46 EDT

Ian Marquis gave feedback to TiKkO for “Dope Boy Theme (earlier mix)”:
Fantastic beat and polyphonic synth. I would love to hear it even bigger - stronger hits, larger sound stage, etc. But this is very catchy. Good work, man.
 Oct 16, 2011, 11:13 EDT

Kunall121 gave feedback to TiKkO for “Dope Boy Theme (earlier mix)”:
Amazing one man, TiKko :)
Really, I can't get enough of the background disco score!
Keep doing more, I want free downloads ;)
 May 12, 2011, 03:39 EDT