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Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to Steve Thompson for “Light”:
Again, the new level of maturity is inspiring. I am into this idea of combining live rock with techno. Hint, hint...
 Apr 24, 2017, 13:11 CDT
Steve Thompson 
Thanks for the kind words. This is from a few years back, but I didn't have it uploaded here and I really liked the guitar tone near the end. :)
flag (Apr 24, 2017, 16:30 CDT)
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
so, are we gonna collab or what?!?
flag (Apr 25, 2017, 07:05 CDT)

Eerily, I have been working on a concept for an 8-bit video game that this looks like to me, I call "Big Man's Burden". The objective is to emancipate the Little Bigmen before they become disgruntled, escape on their own, and become enemies. Are we connected psychically?

These are cool/remind me of early Tracy Ulman Show Simpsons animations.
 Apr 24, 2017, 13:07 CDT
Steve Thompson 
That's a very cool idea for a game... :)

It's been so long since I drew this, but I found it on my PC and figured I'd throw it up here.
flag (Apr 24, 2017, 16:33 CDT)
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
Right on! I am a big MSPaint evangelist, so you're preaching to the choir with this one!
flag (Apr 25, 2017, 07:04 CDT)

Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to Steve Thompson for “Bled Dry”:
It's a more mature than everything I've heard from you before, ST. Kraftwerk-inspired?*

Seriously good stuff + seriously, if you have any inclination to jam, write, perform, we should give it a shot. I'm itching to get back to work, in a more productive manner.

*Kraftwerk-inspired is my new go-to automatic response to anything that sounds like techno
 Apr 24, 2017, 13:02 CDT
Steve Thompson 
Tis an honor to be named in the same breath as Kraftwerk. This was taken from an EP of electronic music I released about a year ago or so - you can check the entire 13 minutes or so of weirdness out here:
flag (Apr 24, 2017, 16:32 CDT)

Gabrielle gave feedback to Steve Thompson for “I Don't Wanna Grow Up”:
I like the cover. Good, clear vocals. Silly lyrics, but a relateable message.
 Oct 01, 2013, 21:03 CDT