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✎ Edit A folk / indi artist working in the North East of England

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shiloh wangsgard gave feedback to DISCOVER for “Break through”:
This has a real Talking Heads feel. Was that on purpose?
 Aug 31, 2019, 21:52 EDT

Richard Shekari gave feedback to DISCOVER for “this life”:
i almost didn't listen to this but now i am glad i did
i really enjoyed and loved the way it started, caught in its web now.
is this a live recording please and how can i get something as beautiful as this with a little bit of drum work on it
 Jun 19, 2015, 02:36 EDT

Richard Shekari gave feedback to DISCOVER for “Your loved sons”:
when i first heard the intro i didn't expect it will end up this beautiful.
i got to tell you, the whistle did come in like boom and almost scared me but hey, it is a good job. kudos soldier
played it and will surely come for more.
do you have links to more your songs?
i love the concept, the way the tunes came in one after the other.
 Jun 18, 2015, 19:11 EDT

Ian Marquis gave feedback to DISCOVER for “Break through”:
The tempo and arrangement here almost transform the piano into another instrument entirely. It's surprising, but I like it. I can almost hear room for a break or bridge where the frenetic playing lets up, even if briefly, before crashing back into the main track again.

Either way, I like the feeling you've got going. Good stuff!
 Jun 08, 2015, 07:26 EDT