The Middlemen gave feedback to Ragnar Pétur for “(deleted)”:
Great track -- not too ambitious, I don't think. It has a very dramatic quality to it -- Like it could be a part of a musical or something -- maybe Rocky Horror Picture Show type of thing. Or Hedwig and the Angry Inc, but it has its own character as well.

What is your next step with this one? Is it going to be a part of a rock opera? Thank you.
 Aug 24, 2013, 18:29 EDT
Ragnar Pétur 
I would absolutely love to write a rock opera, but make it more of a symphony than the traditional rock-songs-with-a-story. So I guess John Frusciante meets Matt Bellamy meets Erik Satie meets Hector Berlioz, but also different from that. Maybe you get my point, or maybe I'll just have to write it..
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The Middlemen 
Yeah -- go for it!
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