Hey there, fiend. I had not heard this track b4, but it is definitely an interesting one -- I like its lyrics, even though I cannot completely hear what is going on -- still the story comes through, and it is a nice chord progression as well.

You are probably tired of hearing it from me, but I wish you would team up with somebody a bit more often so we could get a better recording for these tunes -- you owe to to the world, yourself, and most important, to me!
 Jun 17, 2013, 18:37 CDT
yeah gotta save money or work with legit engineers, all these are just me and a hand held recorder, cause every time I go to jam with someone they just wanna work on their stuff, and don't care bout anyone elses stuff, and are like oh play some good bass to my stuff then when it's time to work on some of my tunes they are all out of work ethic for the session so I just do my thinkg to get it out, but I feel ya 100% .... go Hawks!
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rocked out with an engineer I used to work with and he wanted to make a band instead of produce record, and he wanted to do it all with a group of people who never shouwed up so it was me and him sitting in his basement and me showing him songs I'd wrote "demos" just and him riffing out guitar chords and saying "I wanna make something outta this" but never doing it or letting anyone else throw him ideas, a lot of the peeps I encounter are like that, only want you to add a layer to their stuff or pickup 50% of the slack, but then not pay it forward
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but they never try an idea, win or lose you gotta try, but they don't even try, like i know i can't do it all alone, and have it be good, just need to network the right people or add layers and tell others how to write stuff, "just go for it see how it sounds, come back to it A.S.A.P." lol
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* him riffing out chords of his original tune, and saying he dug my stuff but never going anywhere with it, and not even up for my idea "let's just write new original songs together or something like that****
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Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
That IS sad -- but too common, sadly :[ Most folks are way too self absorbed -- is it the culture, or genetics? Either way, you have to start with something, and you are doing just that. I am sure that you are moving at the quickest and best pace, so when the time is right, then you will team up with the right people... What about you and Tom Clark???
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