Shoham and the WalaWalaWala gang,

I really did like the lyrics on this one. it is good that you had them printed as the live performance was a little hard for me to hear. My hearing is not good with certain tones and those happen to be the ones used most in voice. I hope that the guitarist depicted on the album comer is not a self portrait some 50 or 60 years in advance.
If you take a close look or hear of the lyrics, I thing that he may be an appropriate harbinger for the piece. I can't really get this to come out the way I am thinking it but I have only said good things here.
The guitarist does look as though he could fall off that ledge at any time. Good choice on the artwork for the piece.
I listened 3 times to the song that was playing on your website. I liked it very much but am going to save the real feedback for later, on it. I would like to know what the widgets are about and do you use them to download the songs or what?
 Mar 10, 2011, 01:42 EST
Glad you like the song. Make sure to share the link with your friends. (word of mouth is how we grow!)

As far as downloading, many of our song are for sale here.

-Thanks again
flag (Mar 10, 2011, 08:30 EST)

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