tawmy gave feedback to WalaWalaWala for “Anchor (Live)”:
... it's pretty good for being recorded off the floor ... cool grooves, nice time changes, great vocal hooks, catchy guitar lines ... I'd definitely buy a studio version of this song, and more like it.
 Nov 28, 2011, 20:04 EST
funny you should say, because we do have a studio version: http://www.feed-forward.net/w.1002_Anchor#

I think that it's one of my favorite recordings that I've ever been involved with and come to think of it, I don't think we've ever sold a copy of it... It's a free download, payment optional, of course ;)

Thanks for the + feedback, tawmy :-) I'll have to check some of yours now!
flag (Nov 28, 2011, 20:44 EST)
Thank you so much ... Anchor by WalaWalaWala is now in my iTunes library. WootWootWoot
flag (Nov 28, 2011, 21:25 EST)