Williston gave feedback to Purple Asteroid Cadillac for “Shine On”:
Nice to hear someone with good rhymes and rhythm over a real instrument track. Just my opinion..The guitar's B string is a little out of tune so it takes away from the girls nice voice on the hook. I think it would sound better too, if the vocals weren't doubled. The rhymes and flow are good enough, you don't need any more effects. Thanks for posting, Best stage name ever. Or is that the band's name?
 Apr 18, 2011, 02:27 EDT
Purple Asteroid Cadillac 
Thanks for the feedback Williston! And yes that is the band's name... Glad to know you like it... be on the look out for our new material dropping soon on We Run Entertainment/JMD Records... You can stay posted by signing up for our mailing list www.purpleasteroidcadillac.com

Thanks again for your support! Please share us with your friends and family!!!
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