Interesting stuff. Are you planning an entire spoken word release in the future, almighty King?
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Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
Thank you my friend. This started off as a one-off flash fiction piece. Then I said 'Let's see what happens to Ol' Diamond Jack' -- now 7 weeks later I'm 30,000 words in and working out the kinks so that it fuels into the 2nd half of the duology. This one will have bible length chapter (300-800 words per) & bible length books (10-20 chapters per 'book') with 5 books in the 1st volume of the "Diamond Compendium: Yearning to Breathe Free" It will be what I am dubbing an 'Illustrated Novella' (many less pictures than a graphic novel/comic book, but many more than a traditional novel -- 1 picture per 500-1,000 words).

Thus Spake Shohathustra

Chapter IX: But Man, We Brought the House Down!

But man, we brought the house down! Literally. See, what I didn’t mention to you is that I didn’t just season my sweet and spicy Ramen with flavor packets, now. I put a little something extra for the guards see...
So, finally, I gave the audience a don of my cap and that was the Q: We was bustin’ out of prison, one way or another – come hell or highwater!
Now, me and the boys had to get out of there. And fast.
If not, we would be facing new charges altogether: incitement of jail/prison riot, PA Code § 1.09.56, minimum-maximum of 2 years behind bars if convicted. And we WOULD be convicted. No way we were going to get a fair trial. Not in this town.
We ran down 2nd Avenue and found ourselves within 300 meters of the Monongahela River. We knew what we had to do. {Picture of the 5 of them running down the street}
We needed to get ourselves a sea-worthy vessel if we were going to have any chance at avoiding the fuzz. Angel had the idea of collecting garbage from the Allegheny river, so Iggy & Herb started amassing a treasure trove of garbage while Ramtin & Angel, geniuses that they are, sketched some drawings for the ship. Necessity is the mother of invention, so Ramtin & Angel marked those drawings up in no-time and we all got to work, putting her together.
In the end, it would be a steamship -- in the old style, made up of all sorts of rubbish found in and around the Allegheny River.
There was plenty of Styrofoam for the Hull, the Bow was made from an old sunken school bus the boys found in the River. Of course, we had to ad-lib the Stage using plastic six-pack rings, The Boom was a rake, the Jackstaff a stripper pole Iggy found – somewhere. The Mast was made out of one of the original field goal posts from Three Rivers Stadium, the Rudder was mostly plastic bottles if I recall correctly, The Stacks was just straws, the Pilot House was from scrap, as was the Stern, the Stern Wheel was just an old dilapidated Stern Wheel the boys found in the river, the Hurricane Deck had to be custom built, The Boiler Deck, and the Main Deck all made out of reinforced steel. Can’t be too careful, now!
We even found and dressed some unusually large Crapper Fish as mannequins to serve as decoys, which we put on a dummy ship and sent off in the opposite direction as ourselves. We needed to get out of the country. And as the captain, I made the executive decision that we were headed for Tamaulipas Mexico!
Ol’ Johnny stood lookout and even christened the machine when all was said and done.
We called her the S.S. Junk’o’Junk. {Picture of the ship}
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Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
Sorry man, the spoiler didn't work either time, but nonetheless, this is a fun chapter from later in the book but much earlier in the storyline
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